Sunday, June 10, 2012

americana wreath

ok... so here's the deal, i have been home for the summer for less than a month... and i haven't had time to be craftsy... soooo... after looking around pinterest for several hours, i  came across this wreath... which i feel in love with... i have never made a wreath... i have never wanted a wreath (except xmas!)... and i have always thought they were goofy, cliche, crafts projects that when out of season take up too much storage space... then i found this wreath... and now, all i want to do is make wreaths... soooooo... i hope my new roommate is ready to have a wreath for each month!

when i am finished, i will post pictures... but until then, you can follow the link above and learn how to make it... i am almost done (i ran out of pins! you need A LOT!)... there were more felt squares than i ever thought there would be... but the process of cutting, folding, and pinning each of them is almost therapeutic... in a sickening way...
i am addicted to the tv show, greek, right now (i see you judging me... you betta check yo self!) so i just watched several episodes while i worked on it... at least i was multi-tasking while being lazy! 

- it is easy
- it is super cute
- america
- great gift
- fairly inexpensive (under $15)

- time consuming
- repetitive

estimated cost: $15

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